“Intense souls often remain enigmatic, revealing merely hints of their true originality.”

Welcome to my digital realm. Here, the depths of my thoughts and emotions seamlessly blend with my fervour for technology. As you journey through my thoughts and creations, I hope they inspire you to embrace and express your own unique essence.



Coming soon:

art collection and book series offer

We are delighted to present an exclusive opportunity for art and literature enthusiasts. The paintings will soon be available for purchase and are offered alongside the esteemed four-volume book series: “Words and Colors”, “Dreams and Colors”, “Deepness and Colors” and “Vortex and Colors”.

For inquiries or further details about the collection, kindly reach out directly to the artist.

High Tech in High Heels community

Join us in honoring the extraordinary women who have made remarkable contributions to the world of technology. We’ve gathered their invaluable insights and perspectives to serve as inspiration for the next generation, eagerly poised at the starting line of their own tech-filled futures.

Our interviews delve into their experiences, inviting women and girls to embark on a journey of discovery about the ever-evolving world of technology. Through these conversations, we not only aim to ignite inspiration but also to offer invaluable tips, tricks, accelerators, and suggestions that can empower and fast-track their pursuits in technology.

Together, let’s forge a path towards a brighter future for women in technology!