On me and you

A ray of sun
lovingly caressing my heart
for dreaming of
me and you.

A thrill
gently brought by a breath of wind
for not forgetting about
me and you.

A glance
lonely verge to a sunset
for reliving
me and you.

A tear
warm and lovingly caressing my face
for craving
me and you.

A tense hand
anxiously stretches towards the horizon
for desiring
me and you.

A kiss
carried away by a freezing wind
for telling in silence about
me and you.

A painful silence,
like a sharp cry
tells about
me and you,
about a dream of us that still echoes
in the footsteps of my goodbye,
accompanied by the silence
that covers the beats of your heart
incapable of stopping my steps
that slowly continue to chant
the sad melancholic melody of our goodbye,
of me and you
and a dream of us.

I’m losing you

I’m losing you
in the silence of a dawn I’m losing you.

I’m looking for you,
in a slow anxious sigh,
in a look reflected
by the green blue light of a stream,
in a warm spring breeze,
in a melancholic twittering of a swallow.

I’m losing you,
even knowing that you are not mine
I feel that I’m losing you.

My glance relives you
in the most passionate beat
of my melancholic heart.

My eyes,
tired of the vain search for you
leave ajar in a slow agony
and leaving ajar
still taste the sweet warmth of your kisses
that like an early morning spring breeze
wakes up my senses.

A thrill raids me
my anxious hands search for you
finding only the melancholic memory of you.

My still ajar eyes,
it’s me losing you
yes losing you
without ever have having you
I lose you
and losing you, I’m losing myself.

A look

A look can capture a dream,
with the impetus of a strong storm
let bloom the sprouts
of an immediate unexpected emotion.

I saw you,
concentrated and diligent,
my unexpected sweet stranger,
arrived from a look
that leads me to a dream.

I felt your presence,
from afar,
the sparkling of the life in you
has inundated me inebriating my senses
and has made me
prisoner of a look
that brings me back
to savours so much loved but lost,
to scents so much coveted,
prisoner of a look
that captures all my senses
prisoners of you.

Only yours

Here I am,
immersed in the memory of you
dreaming to see you
like by magic
appear again
like as once
from that door.

Here I am
thinking of you
it seems to see your eyes
that as once
powerfully take possession of mine.

Here I am
reliving you
I feel your warmth
that accompanies the beating of my heart
and still like I used to be, I’m yours
happily defenseless.

I abandon myself to you
you are the best part of me
that lives by you
smelling your perfume
being fed by your passion

Live you,
essence of an emotion.


a look
determined, strong, intense.
Your presence
warm rays of a forgotten sun.
A lightning, abruptly blinding
a swirl, that frantically overruns
drags and destroys
an impetuous intricacy,
an appalling coexistence of hell and paradise,
an agony
sharp, roaring, unstoppable, restless
I want you to be mine.
A regret
heartbreaking, felt, defenceless, sincere
where have you been until now.
A remorse
roaring, ferociously passionate,
painfully melancholic
where have I been.
I was searching for you in vain until now,
sometimes doubting your existence
I lost myself in dark and blind paths
ephemerally attracted by the dark,
distracted by the chant of which nocturnal birds
delusively attracted my attention
leading me far away from you.
A pain,
where has my innocent spirit gone
which horrible storms
have covered me with muddy rain
mixed with falling leaves of century old trees
no longer kissed by the sun
watered by rains that feed the moss.
Then You
lightning of life
roar of hope
spirit of light
true forcefulness
breath of life.