Whispers of hues, a dreamscape

A painting in my mind’s eye,
With floating strokes that seem to fly,
A technique so ethereal and light,
That brings this painting to life.
Green, the colour that dominates,
Sparkling with a vibrant, lively fate,
A colour that whispers of growth and life,
And the promise of freedom without strife.
White, like a soft and gentle breeze,
A colour that brings us to our knees,
With purity, innocence, and light,
A colour that makes our hearts take flight.
Pink, the colour of passion and love,
A colour that soars high above,
With its warmth and gentle grace,
A colour that makes our hearts race.
This painting, a masterpiece of art,
With each stroke, it tugs at our heart,
With its colours so bright and true,
It speaks to us, in a language we knew.
So let us revel in its beauty and light,
A painting that’s sure to ignite,
The passion, the freedom, and love,
That we all dream of, high above.

Fluid unbridled brush, the river of my essence

In unexpected flows of life,
A river of passion runs wild and free,
Through the boundless canvas of my art,
A glimpse of my soul for all to see.
With fluid strokes and colors bold,
I unleash the depths of my creativity,
A dance of hues, a symphony of form,
My canvas becomes a part of me.
In this abstract realm, I find release,
From the rigidity of daily strife,
A space where I can simply be,
And let my spirit come to life.
Oh, the freedom of fluid painting!
No rules or boundaries to constrain,
Just me, the canvas, and the paint,
An infinite playground for my brain.
And with each stroke of my brush, I share,
A piece of my soul, for all to see and dare.

Canvas whispers, a journey within

A soul, wandering in the colours,
Searching for meaning, a guiding spark,
And then I find my solace in art,
Where fluid painting ignites my heart.
With each stroke of brush and blend of hue,
I create a world that’s fresh and new,
A place where I can truly be,
And my spirit dances wild and free.
In this abstract realm, I find my way,
And the colors guide me day by day,
Each canvas is a work of art,
A reflection of my soul and heart.
Oh, the beauty of fluid painting!
A way to heal, to find our wings,
To soar above the pain and strife,
And discover the beauty of life.
Let the colors guide you, and set you free,
And discover the beauty in you and me.

A painter’s sanctuary

Lost in the dark, my green eyes search,
For a glimpse of hope, a light to perch,
And then I find my refuge in art,
Where love and passion ignite my heart.
With fluid paints, I start to play,
Creating magic in every way,
Each stroke of brush and blend of hue,
Is a reflection of my soul, truly.
In this abstract realm, I let go,
Of all that holds me down below,
And let my spirit fly and soar,
Like an eagle free, forevermore.
Oh, the ramification of fluid art!
A journey of self-discovery, a work of heart,
With each canvas I create, I share,
A piece of my soul, for all to care.
And with each stroke of my brush, I find,
A glimpse of hope, a life so kind.