First Encounter: Art is …

A collection of 39 paintings. The used technique is tempera on paper and mixed technique on canvas. The collection has been painted in 2005 and 2006 in Berne, the capital city of Switzerland. On an autumn day in 2005, walking on the streets of Berne, I had an instinct and an inspiration to create “Something, something that would stay forever”. Perchance, in the historic center of the old town, I saw a set of canvas and colors displayed in a shop window, I entered the store and bought them. My impulsive search developed in a “First encounter“.

The city of Berne with its medieval appearance, with its numerous fountains and brick facades, alleys and historic towers has inspired a big part of this collection.

The view of the old city from the rose garden, in front of the Bärengraben, where I spent endless afternoons, has inspired countless drawings and paintings.