My days

My days,
flown away in this endless space
in these so much limited times.

Lost in me
abandoned in my torment
follow my fears
follow my days gone by.

I search myself,
me again,
I cannot find myself.

Too infinite this space.

Too limited this time.


Like silent and harmonious notes
of a nostalgic piano,
that melancholically flow,
running to each other, encountering each other,
meeting again and letting go of each other
a succession of intersections
and temporary braids of lines
brings the mind to secret encounters of lovers,
fugitive pursuits
moments of intensely profound looks
lightning of lived life.
Temporary entwining of emotions,
life with its passionate floods
goings, comings and goodbyes
nostalgic flavors of life.
White or black like love when is life
without choices nor alternatives.
White that follows black,
night that permanently
follows escaping the day,
life made life by passion.
conceals a hidden light
that inebriates a not blind heart.
Light made of a profound hidden darkness
flavors of an abandoned mystery,
ost along the journey of life.
step after step you brings me back to light,
hidden like your passionate
profound obscurity.
And here you are,
now here with me,
with your lights and your shadows
that attracting and pushing each other away
vortically search each other
in a swirl of emotions,
a flood
that in elapsing fades
occasionally becoming more intense.
Like superb passionate lovers,
only a white and a black
lovely war without losers or winners.
One only wirling passion,
pungently sweet,
sweetly pungent.

Your back turned

That’s how you leave,
your back turned and your eyes down
without meeting my eyes.

Hands extended to the sky in sign of defeat
with bated breath,
lengthening a breath of life
a flash of existence
a flicker of passion
an essence of an existence.

Your mind ties your soul.

Your mind,
obscure floods of climbing plants wrap your love,
force your hands to heaven in a sign of defeat.

Climbing plants,
voraciously lusting wrap your heart,
cling more and more to your love
suffocating it
obscuring it
blinding it.

And like this, mute
with the hands up in a sign of defeats,
destroyed by climbing plants
that steal your energy
that invade your heart
fogging your love
you lose yourself losing me
going away
like this
your back turned and your eyes down
without meeting my eyes.

Goings and returns

And I come back to you,
one more time,
unable to escape your look
mirror of your me
that always wins over my me.

Still with you
lost in your eyes
sea of emotions, infinite passions
that taste like your me
flavor of my me.

Take me with you,
carry me away
hugging me strongly
with your most passionate me
only this way can live my me.

Hold me with you
in your most profound me
because there
exists my me.

Live me
in a dream without end, in your profound me
because only there
can live my me.

Bring me away
to a horizon without limits
part of your me
there I love to lose my me.

Love me
like you do with God
giving life to your me
that feeds my me.

Search me in you
there you will find my me
that lives only in your me.

White is my me
that lives only
in your black me.

Reticent passion

My passion,
reticent in a glow of emotions,
denied in an ocean of contradictions,
escaped following false chimeras.

Then a look,
a reticent silence,
a vain escape.

One of your single flimsy nods
and here I am
weakly defenseless
turning back to you
with shining eyes
with my heart craving for you
only for you.

I return to you
abandoned to your flavor,
lost in your warmth,
blinded by your glow,
inebriated by your smell
and in your arms
I am still
always yours.


A strange restlessness
assaults me this evening
the sky is dark
no starlight
only pouring rain.

Where are you
I feel an emptiness that assaults me
bit by bit,
taking me over,
emptiness of you

Where are you.

My joy
suspended in a dream in this dark sky
flown away to new horizons
abandoned here
in this dark sky
in this pouring rain.

Where are you.

Hostile sense of emptiness

A hostile sense of emptiness
takes me over bit by bit.

A mute cry
invades my senses.

From far away
the cold that cuts your heart
freezes me.

From far away
the obscureness that beclouds your mind
confuses me.

From far away
your reticent words
rip my already bleeding wounds.

Glowing flickers
that remember your eyes
for a fraction of a second bring you back to me
to what once was us
already obscured
by you hostile sense of emptiness.

A hostile sense of emptiness
is all that remains from you.