Breathe Life: Art is …
(coming soon)

The collection consists of a single painting that frames a poem. The used technique is tempera on paper.

The painting has been conceived and accomplished in Berne, designed and painted at the shores of the river Aare in 2005. The artwork has been inspired by the view of nature in a moment when I enjoyed “Breathe life”.

Today I‘m so elated,
it is a marvelous day,
there is splendid sun reflected in the river,
the view of nature around is amazing.
I really can breathe the life brought by the spring,
how beautiful nature can be,
and this beauty
is giving me such a strong feeling of power.
In this atmosphere I‘m feeling so good,
as it did not happen to me for a long time.
The feeling to be able to reach the status of admiration,
the feeling to be capable to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me
is awakening so wonderful energy in me:
I‘m really feeling the life.
I have been thinking about my life,
I have always been too much passionate person,
extremely idealistic,
always looking for something extremely special,
for something giving me strong and unforgettable emotions,
for something giving intensity of life,
for something that most of the time was too much.
This made my life difficult
and ended up in pain:
the kind of pain that catches all your mind
capable to steal all your energy,
the love for yourself
too strong for good or for bad.
The small rational part of me concluded
there is something extremely wrong and sick in my way to be
always looking for too much complexity.

never give again the blood,
the energy,
the life.
Was this saving me ? Was this working?
Was this making me happy?
For sure it makes the life simple,
serene and safe,
but is it for me?
may be the sun,
may be the beautiful water,
may be this delicate wind,
brings back all the passion.
I love myself too much to change.
One second of passion deserves to be lived,
only an intense life deserve to be lived,
and it is better than to be safe,
so finally myself back,
again, for good or for bad.
Who? Who you are ?
I don‘t know exactly.
What have you been in my life ?
A bolt of lightning,
a bolt of lightning that helps me to be back,
I don‘t know why and how
a kind of lightning that helps me to be back.
I like the impulsiveness,
I like people able to look for something extremely special and only of this,
I like the people able to follow an instinct,
to catch every minute of life,
to catch emotions,
Life is definitely too short,
I love people able to catch it.
I cannot categorize feelings,
what is friendship?
Be able to look straight into each other eyes,
always know when and what to say
and especially what not to say.
Who is family?
Extreme care.
What is love?

can be so different,
so happy, so sad, so dangerous,
for some overpowering.
What is the secret of life?
Maybe try to enjoy as much as you can,
not miss anything that brings emotions.
Who knows?
Now I know what I‘m looking for,
to be again myself,
to be again capable to live all the emotions,
a beautiful sun or river,
a spectacular sunset,
a rainbow or a storm,
a fragrance of spring,
a singing of a bird,
a picture,
a smile of a kid,
or why not