Chapter 8

On the morning of May 17 2009 Zurich, the largest and most populous city in Switzerland, woke up embellished by 300 big vases, painted by various artists, containing flowering plants. In the lovely streets of the city center oleanders, palm trees from the Ticino region, fig trees and Japanese bamboo created spiritual wellbeing for citizens and tourists by treating their sense of vision and their olfactory sense.

The project was not limited to Zurich but had the ambition to extend the borders of its message. Therefore, it was present in Milano in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. The professors of the Academy have contributed with a few students who decorated six vases of the project as part of this event that was highly regarded for its aesthetic, ecological and therefore educative value.

From May 18 to September 19 Zurich changed physiognomy and became an open air garden museum, exposing on its streets 300 enormous vases transformed to pieces of art by international artists, unique pieces. The capital city of the canton, that was classified for the seventh time the first city in the world for quality of life, confirmed the attention of its institutions for the wellbeing of its citizens and tourists. City of water, with its 1200 fountains, its river and its lake, Zurich offers every year innovative projects and enriches the calendar with leisure activities for the public with a passion for art, photography, design, for lovers of nature, for sporty people and for families.

From the city center to the districts the map of 300 exposed pots is as follows:

  • entrance to the main station: a single pot, free imagination, combination of abstract shapes and colors. The artist is Antonietta Mastroianni.
  • 24 pots, painted with bright birds, adorned the Central Station. Their author is the international renowned artist Birdman, who portrays exclusively volatiles.
  • the Paradeplatz that hosts the big names of Swiss banking is embellished by 22 plants inside the same number of vases, made by internationally renowned artists.
  • the famous Bahnhofstrasse, street of luxury shopping, was transformed into an oasis of gree with more than 100 pots, painted by several artists, that adorn it.

It was a unique plan that aimed for the integration of art and design, of plants and nature, of city and environment. The vases were realized in polyester with fibers of enforced glass, with a height of 150 cm and a diameter of 120 cm.