I return

I return
then the silence infi ltrated poisonously between us
the memory of your eyes,
the smell of your skin.

I return
you write
the last image of you.

Our way down
your silence.

I return

Mute immobile silence

Go away
leave a scent
on my way

your steps are not heard
your breathings are not perceived
your shadows are not seen

only a light tone echoes in the air
it resembles to a sweet melancholic chant.

breath of wind
continue oblivious
lovingly dry my face
take the pain of my tears off
accompany my silence
my silence
hushed by your immobile silence.

Immobile silence
that doesn’t leave any shadows
that doesn’t cancel the traces
that buries every hope
that dissolves every dream
that makes mute the highest cry of pain
that switches off
one by one
every ray of this luminous magic
that slowly darkening evaporates
and melts away
in this petrifying immobile silence.

Mute and immobile silence

The loneliness of my eyes

I miss you
your face is dissolved in the waters of this life.

Your image, your precious traits
get blurred
with the background music of the snap of time
the memory of us is dissolved
the dream of us sinks.

My tense hands
tensely implore your return.

My luminous eyes
luminously implore your return.

A tear
breaks the loneliness of my eyes
fogged but extended at the search of you
wets my face not ready
for your silence
for your leaving without a goodbye
without a hail
without a look.

All that is left is a slow
and painful dissolution
a slow, very slow, cruel dissolution
a tragical dissolution without a why
and my hands
that still tense
wait for your return.

Magic of a spring night

Magic of a spring night
looking out the window of my time
dissolved in the darkness of a night.
Magic of a lost dream
dispersed in the stormy waters of this life.
The stars tonight cry for your silent absence
from the height of their beauty
turn their resigned and excited look
attentively searching
in every corner of this time
in every ravine of this extinct crater
stretching the look to the search of you
search of you, dream of a spring night,
abandon themselves to the first dawn lights
that with loving caresses closes their eyes.
The excited dawn turns the embrace of her light
at the search of you,
magic of a spring night
gently awakening
with her brilliant rays the colors of the meadows,
kissing one by one
the still sleeping flowers,
turning the look to you mysterious abysses
that gift life to the oceans
that with their fresh waters
cuddle these lands.
The overwrought dawn turns the embrace
at the search of you
magic of a spring night
surrendering then at the cruel rays of you sun
that kissing her invade this earth
and blind with your light the life, and conceive life
and lusting invade at the search of her
magic of a spring night.
Sun, falling asleep
fade and sadly leave the reins to the night
that softly comes down and wraps
with her arms the world
that sorrowfully falls asleep and resigns itself
to a new day spent looking for you
magic of a spring night
and abandons itself to the idyll of daylight
that lusting for the search of you comes
magic of a spring night.


Shadows come down,
wander on the solitary path
of my existence.

Gloomy nigh
bring peace,

with your darkness
dominate the restive specters,

with your sighs
calm their warrior and gory hearts
so that in a flash of a second
for them yet eternal
savor the unknown flavor of the peace,

with your freshness
wash the sweat of their delirious flesh,
relieve the miseries
of their marvelous lost
and damned souls
so that in a forgotten angle of the world
could relieve the wearing gravities
that hardly
drown them in their torments,

with the shining presence
of the lonely light
of your scintillating stars
light up their bare and somber faces
run over their dead eyes
so that in a damned corner of the world
in a flash of time
they could tame their torments
arrest the vortexes of their storms
break the turbulence of their perdition
rest their minds
unbend their hearts
forget their painful glories
and savor you, peace
that so miserly gift yourself to them
souls by you forgotten.

My dream

My dream
instant of an eternal illusion
as by magic became real
on a joyous september evening
in a painful poisoned disillusion
like a fume
of a poisoned potion.

Promiscuous cloud

Promiscuous cloud,
wraps and cloud my soul,
in this gray and rainy day.
Promiscuous cloud take me away
carrying me to an island
kissed by oceans of past
where no far away land can be seen
where melodies of the past and present
melt themselves in a symphony of far away voices.
Visions of a lost world steal my eyes
and bring me back to you, sweet dream sadly vanished
deceptive charm disappeared.
Visions of a lost world steal my eyes
and bring me back to you,
to the rays of you liar moon,
to you secular imaginary oak tree
that drinks these limpid bewitched waters
and enjoys the rays
of this warm imagined sun
vanished in the most ensorcelled of the silences
that is more pungent than the sharpest of the cries
that like the sneakiest of the chameleons
transfigures the most beautiful paintings of us
subtly polluting them with soot
that hungrily pounces on our days
contaminating the present,
erasing the future,
dishonoring the past,
molding our frugal voices
contaminating our joyful melody
of strident notes that voracious and sonorous
subjugate the chant of our present
devastate the musical harmony of our past
muting the future.
Limpid illusory waters of this vain island
medley of the sweetest and most cruel deceptions
embrace me, wrap my flesh
and like prey of the bloodiest of the defeats
flood my pain
and make me one
with this cruel deceitful deception
and water my incurable thirst for the truth
drowned in the depths of you
ocean that wraps the island of my present
fed by you, my passionate past
deprived of you, my illusory future.