Sweet memory of a fugacious moment

perfume of you invades my senses
inebriates my mind.

glow of you
warms up my memories
like a sweet tormented melancholy
brings me insistently back to you
conquering my resistance
brings me back to you,

to your beauty, to your sweetness
that makes me sink
into our fugacious moments
moments of you and me

to your soft voice
that wispering spoke of winds of dreams,
dreams of you and me

to your warmth,
that promised fi ghts of life,
life of you and me

to my hands
that desirously were searching for you
my secret
my dream
my hope
sweet memory of a fugacious moment.


You harmony
precious goddess

with soft turns
molds the air that sweetly surrounds you
pivoting to yourself with light turns
gives life to your shapes,
that rotating delineate and define themselves

with breaths of passion
your shudders take on life
and your emotions
begin to palpitate
at first with shy beatings
then pressing
palpitations that intone the accord
of the sound of your passion.

Your diaphanous nature
begins to enjoy the sun rays
that caress you softly
skimming you with sweet touches of passion
that bring your colors to life
that shyly take tone
then for showing themselves
in their supreme beauty
in their immense splendor.


my life,
my passion,
hope of a lost world,
perfume of forgotten woods,
primitive taste of unknown fruits,
first beating of an unconscious heart
pressing shiver of rainbows and storms,
pure emotion cracked
in this now frozen world.

drunk of passion enjoy you my idyll,
in this swing of lights and shadows,
in this exasperated torment of desires,
that sinks into the only deep lust
that imprisons my senses,
lust of you.

Immersed in me

immersed in myself
overwhelmed by my feelings
blinded by my inner self.
At the hopeless search of myself
that of the lonely evenings
that of the sudden laughters
that of speaks to strangers
that escapes from her friends
that escapes from the past.
The gladiator of the big battles
that escapes from simple emotions
that escapes for not saying no.
tell me of you
speak to me
speak to me of your torments.

Magic of an unexpected moment

A turn of key,
an intense look,
a voice that breaks the silence.

magic of an unexpected moment,
intense shiver,
ray of life,
rich source of a desire,
winner of a battle never fought.

happy sweet loser
of the most sublime and pleasurable of defeats.

total abandon of all of my senses,
unexpected sinking of all my resistance,
palpitation that invades me,
winner of my most sublime abandon.

Let me survive

Violent torment,
potently you take possession of my every will.
Obsession that invades me,
in the delirious desire of possessing you.
Abandon at least
a small corner of my mind.
Let rest
at least a little part of my heart.
Leave a yearning beat only for me,
let me survive.
Give me back a single breath,
that allows me to live without you,
my tormented wonderful obsession.


The ingredients of this cocktail
are deadly
only just by smelling the odor
one can almost drown in it.

Little but incisive words,
the ones that don’t leave you a choice
or a possibility,
you can only sweetly sink in it.

Strength and security,
only leave the option of an unconditional capitulation

but always in the right quantity.

but always elegant.

you seem to be a painting of human nature
of the unique and precious ones
that enchant while being contemplated
but almost scaring of touching
being too precious.

Harmony of colors,
your hair, your eyes, your skin.

Harmony of features,
like part of a precise and perfect drawing.

All mixed with the firmness,
the intensity
and the decision of your look.

Here’s a masterpiece of cocktail
to which you can only say
so be it.