How many people surround me,
no voices of spirits are heard,
no traces left on this sand,
no voices, only sounds
deafening sounds.
The voices are lost,
more and more,
more and more.
Silent cry
slash this noise,
voice of silence
break in tempestuously,
divine and sovereign
deafen the noise.
Silence break in,
violently break in,
remember me,
bring me back the voices,
give me the power of life,
bring the traces back to me.
Shy incisions of traces break in,
traces pour in,
violently signal the way,
sand pull back
and groove the traces.
Trace rise up,
Convulsion of traces and voices break in,
alive brings the voices to life.
Alive spirit revive,
with all your violent passion bring life,
create life,
kill the noise,
create life,
sincere life,
pure life.


I look out of the window,
I’m surrounded by snow,
I think of you, think of you so much
you are amazingly beautiful,
love and pride for what you were is flooding me,
I miss you,
yes I miss you,
I see your beauty and your suffering,
a suffering that is not able to flow in tears.

A feeling of impotence is devastating me when I think of you
yes I love you,
but I cannot save you,
I cannot give you back your life,
I cannot bring your blood back to flowing just by myself,
strong, powerful, ardent and alive how only the italian blood can be,
I cannot give you back the life stolen from you,
life that belongs to you by divine intention.

I want from you at least one cry of pain and not this freezing silence brought to you by this freezingdeath that is taking possession of you, this freezing death that is dying down your blood.
Your eyes, yes I see them marvelous eyes,
pervaded by an ancient dead passion, gloomy,
expectant, thrown open, vagant,
at the search of whom?
Where are they?
Where have they lost themselves? What street can’t they glimpse?What fog is wrapped around them? What is tormenting them?
What freezing cold is paralyzing them?
What obscurity or what violent light is blinding them? Which demon is keeping them damnedimprisoned?
Which poisonous potion is deadening their fabulous minds?

Oh past resurrect
leave your proud grave bring fire.
Yes, fire
bloody fire invade
melt the ice with your boiling red blood. Yes boiling red blood invade,
be impetuously unstoppable,
violently nourished by the hurricane of yourpride, invade their sleeps with your violence,
inflame their hearts with your boiling passion, red, blood red,
as only the italian can be.
Brutally murder the death of theirminds, violently possess their bodies,
be yours their beautiful and sleepingmind, passionately penetrate theirhearts,
burn their skin with violent and unbearablepain, damned pain that wakes up,
and painfully brings back to life.
pride revive,
take my life too, but revive.
glory that once belonged to her that made her as beautiful as sheis
that transformed her eyes into the eyes of theworld those eyes that superb
will watch again theworld and the world
will kneel toher and to thepower of her eyes

My illusion

I see you my illusion,
broken wings of a lost dream,
words interrupting a silent waiting,
silence that prolongs a hurtful
still hopeful lateness.
Chants of piano
accompany the longing for you.
Chants of piano
accompany a sweet melancholy,
drawn by the soft waves of your hair,
shaded by the deepness of your eyes,
intenselike the sound of your words.
A sweet agony,
me lost in you
you swamped in your silence.


Notes of a melancholic melody
accompany me on the trails
that lead me slowly to you.
Step after step
I relive you,
slow and anxious steps
not to miss a single second of you
of your eyes in mine
of my hands crossed with yours
of my lips that live from your taste.


Eyes that blinded me
I wish you were here with me
I want you more than my own life.

Silence that tortures.

Where have you lost yourself,
in what delusive trap have you been caught,
which deceptive arms are wrapped around you
and steal you from me,
which deceitful words
buzz in your mind,
tarnishing it
and steal you from me.

want to trap your agony,
want to defeat your demons,
want to invade the dark
wrapped aroundyour eyes,
want to annihilate the fog
that imprisons your mind,
want to win over myself
to bring you back to me,
but the doubt invades me,
my mind persuades my heart
still beating for you
and make me drift,
freezing me with the fire of my love for you,
burning me with the ice of your silence.

Shadows of energy

Obscure shadow,
besets my soul,
rifles my energy,
evaporates his smell,
dilutes his taste,
obscures his energy,
disorients his heart,
turns away my love,
dissolves my passion.
Obscure shadow,
paralyzes my love,
immobilizing my heart,
pausing my breath
fogging my senses
defeating my will
deceiving my desire
nullifying my freedom.
Dark shadow,
covers slowly
our moments with your delusive veils,
invades with oxidizing faint layers our days,
days of you and me,
encrusts our souls
diluting our memories,
braids of a love story
transforming our together
in a cold me and you.
Veil after veil
the memories fade,
the passions become weaker
your eyes get blurred
do not encounter mine
that weaker and weaker
half closed
let vanish
leaving only
a cold me and you.
A me,
sadly alone
a you, sadly clouded
covered with layers
that don’t speak about me
that don’t tell about us
leaving only
a clouded you.