I feel you

I don’t want to see you
I don’t want to talk to you
I don’t want to think of you.

I feel you,
your energy reaches me faintly.
like a reminiscence of times past
let go
in the emptiness of your abandonment,
let go
like a capitulation without attempt to defend.

A taste of ancient still inebriates my lips,
a taste of life,
of battles of a time past,
of a wait for a victory never accomplished
that still makes my lips arid
from the search for you,
source of life
essence of an existence.

Sweet dream

I would like to dive into a sweet dream
made from your eyes that look only at me,
of your lips that taste only me,
of your thoughts living through me,
of your dreams living in my dreams,
of me being the air that you breathe.

I am here

How much I have been searching for you,
how much I wanted you,
how much I pursued you,
and I left you.

Now I’ m here,
lost in the memory of you,
bewitched by the memory of your smile,
drowned in the deepness of your eyes,
wounded by your returned love
unable to take the flight,
killed by the cold cry of your silence
that leaves a sea of emotions in the air
unable to take life
and transforms me and you into us.


Stay there,
in your silence
immobile in the cold of your life
with a look darkened
by the memory of the magic of the days let go.

A melancholic smile
in the memory of me
while I’m no longer with you.

The night

I would like to be the night
to wrap you in my coat
and protect you from the world
and guarding your sleep
I would lay my eyes upon you.

With the immense admiration
with which the eyes are lost in reverie
by the most moving
spectacles of human nature

with the deep marvelousness
with which the first ray
of spring sun
the look of a heart in love

with the passion
that a person in love awakening
opening their eyes,
pauses to contemplate their love

I would warm you with my breathing,

that breathless of you
look with a sad melancholy at the day
that with its lukewarm pale rays
wakes you up again
letting me go
with the first morning breeze
to the always breathless search of you.

Fraction of time

In a fraction of this eternal time,
with the light of you unexpected lightning
you have been mine.

With the silence of a sounding clap of thunder
you left
with your head down
without turning.

The rain cools down my aching flesh,
cools down the raw wounds,
washes away your smell,
mixes herself with your taste,
blurs your traces,
that slowly disperse themselves
and even more slowly disappear
weakening the dream
igniting the memory
of the light of you
unexpected clap of thunder.

Who I am seemed to be a bolt of lightning

I wanted to breathe,
as if the air around me
wasn’t enough.
I went out and the pale rays of the sun
reflected their light in the river
that seemed to smile at them.
I closed my eyes for a second,
and it was as if it still wouldn‘t be enough
all the air around me,
as if my heart would’ t have enough voice
and my mind would be abandoned.
A strange feeling of freedom
assaulted me so strongly
that made me shudder,
everything around me disappeared
who I am seemed to be a bolt of lightning
bolt of lightning that has brought me today,
accompanied by the thought
of your thank you darling
then I opened my eyes
and a sigh
helped me heading back to the house.


A wriggle,
a glow,
the gravity of a love,
that with passion traverses and crosses a life
that carries repercussions of life.

Started by a wriggle
it takes shape, it doesn’t oppose and it flows
flow of life, energy, glow
flowing in a sea of a red passion

Heavy at the beginning
becomes lighter and lighter, more natural
gets a shape in a becoming of passion
red, red like the blood that gives life
and takes away life
with its flow
slowly vital
invigorating source of life.

A sense,
a slow flow of life
a flow
that winning over gravity
against nature stops itself
drowning in the sea of the deepest passion.

A flow,
secretly hidden
like the most precious of the treasures
like the strongest of the impulses
like the moment when the palpitation of the heart stops
conquered by too passionate a deep love
dissolved in a sea of passion, without limits,
without borders,
like only the strongest of the loves is.

One single color,
something unexpressed
like the most ferocious of the goodbyes
goodbye to an immense love.

Two limits,
gold like a flavor of spirits
lived in a time gone by,
precious like an reencounter,
bright like an encounter
of eyes in love,
alive like us in us

Violet shadow,
deep and melancholic like a goodbye,
an unsaid goodbye
that tightens me
that obscures you
that takes possession of us.

that don’t represent our flowing
because I am you
because you are me
because we will live forever
in a flux of overwhelming passion
flowing into the endless and immortal sea
the endless and immortal sea of our love.